Maize Meditation

performed at SOMA Summer 2016

Participants were given a plate with four different preparations of corn:

a boiled kernel, a pinch of cornmeal, a popped corn, and a piece of a tamale.

Using Vipassana body sensation language, participants were guided for an hour in a meditation. Participants observed moment by moment the sensations of each corn product as it was consumed and digested, both inside of the mouth and the belly. Woven into this meditative dialogue was the recitation of texts by two other performers; an historical narrative of the social, political, and cultural implications of corn in Mexico written by Chloe Courtney and read in English by Andy Davis, as well as poetry written about corn read in Spanish by Leticia Reyes, a tamale chef. Leticia prepared four different kinds of tamales offered to participants to eat following the meditation. The performance was an attempt at embodying the recorded history of corn in Mexico by ingesting the crop as both a material absorbed by the body and a concept understood by the mind.

This performance was made possible with the help of Chloe Courtney, Andy DavisĀ and Leticia Reyes.