Linqox Criss on The River Ilissus: Six Voices in Three Parts

SOHO20 Gallery, Brooklyn, NY, November 9th, 2017

A live vocalization of the audio track for the installation ‘Linqox Criss on The River Ilissus‘.

The performance features an original score by vocalist Kamala Sankaram and a reading in ancient Greek by Amanda Evans with English translation by Mary Wichmann. The performed audio track will be bookended by an excerpt from Anne Carson’s essay ‘The Gender of Sound’, read by Nancy O. Graham, and a reading from Lauren Berlant’s book ‘Sex, or The Unbearable’, co-written with Lee Edelman, with an intermission by #Sergina (Elly Clarke), Skyping in live from London reading an excerpt from ‘Phone Me Don’t Write’. At the start of the performance, a glass flask was filled with the perfume formula representing Linqox Criss. Placed atop an electric burner, the liquid boiled over time, steam rising, filling the air with her HTML aroma.