The Signals Are Caressing Us

Jan 8–Feb 1, 2015

AIR Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

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The Signals Are Caressing Us includes the following: The lower parts of the gallery walls are painted gray; a life size white resin sculpture carved by a CNC router sits on the floor; a six and a half gallon glass jug containing custom made perfume is sprayed into the air every hour; a small rectangular grey carpet is laid out near the jug, gradually collecting the mist of fluid as it falls; vinyl text taken from a shared Google doc conversation between four lovers is adhered to the wall.

Both the shape of the sculpture and formula for the perfume are derived from recorded data measured by sensors of the CO2 exhaled from the artist’s breath during orgasm.

Remnants of the physical have been passed through the veins of the digital and reconstituted into smell and form. Excerpts from the Cloud loom, holding the space together in a cold embrace. The signals are caressing us. The signals are caressing us. The signals are caressing us.

*excerpt from Notes From The Google Doc by Elly Clarke, Robin Alex MacDonald, Amanda Turner Pohan and Michelle Ty