Surface Tensions

September 20th– September 30th, 2017

Abrons Arts Center, New York

What would you use to strain your eyes? Employing sculpture, image and scent, Surface Tensions focuses on how the physical juncture of the screen mediates between digital space and the body. Works on view are as follows:

Russell Perkins

evaporator/condenser. Inkjet print on 45gsm, 27lb tinted newsprint, fabricated at the Braviken Paper Mill in Norköping, Sweden for the Financial Times, wheat-pasted onto SUNTUF® UV-blocking polycarbonate, with plaster, plywood, and ABET® laminate.

Amanda Turner Pohan

(my mother’s) liquid crystal display dust. Pulverized LCD cell phone and laptop screens owned by the artist’s deceased mother, plexi glass, archival spray adhesive, fluorescent light smear. Artificial Sebum ASTM D4264-14, glass window waft. Synthetic human pheromone, HVAC filters, HVAC vents