Speculative Skins

Feburary 15 – April 18, 2018

The Naughton Gallery, Belfast, Ireland

Loney Abrams & Johnny Stanish / Salome Asega & Ayodamola Okunseinde / Brice Dellsperger / Nora Khan & Steven Warwick / Son Kit / Katie Skelly / Naoko Takeuchi / Amanda Turner Pohan / Katie Torn

Curated in collaboration with Rachel Steinberg

Where does a body end and a piece of technology begin?  What does it mean to have a body as it relates to consciousness? Can we synthesise the metrics of bodily experience?

Speculative Skins explores and challenges these questions and more in an internationally-focused group exhibition which delves into the relationship between science fiction and the body.

The exhibition presents itself as an anthropological study of both fact and fiction, drawing on contemporary narratives and technologies to hypothesise potential futures, whilst also referencing pop-culture sources including Star Wars, The X-Files, and Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon to explore race, gender, and bodily identity through the lens of science fiction. Utilising a variety of media and formats including video, animation, interactive sculpture, scent, comics, books, and archives, the artists in this exhibition each flesh out a piece of their own speculative universe, proposing alternative future histories, or reframing existing ones.