Desiring to be data for others

January 1 – February 1, 2016

Five Myles Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

a freestanding glass shower recirculates a heated and steaming perfumed fluid through its system; a four by eight foot sheet of plexiglass adhered with remnants of hair, dust, dirt, and skin from a carpet hangs on the wall; a parabolic speaker playing a looped conversation between two women hangs from the ceiling;  a collection of glass jars containing the shower’s fluid stand on a shelf.

The formula for the perfumed shower fluid is derived from recorded data measured by sensors of the heartbeat of the artist; the residue adhered to the plexiglass is taken from the bedroom rug of the artists deceased mother; the conversation playing on loop from the speaker is an interview between a female doctor and nurse attempting to quantify bodily sensations; the bottles of fluid are for replenishing the shower’s liquid content to account for eventual loss by evaporation.